A Transformational Experience For Couples Committed To
Growing Together And Taking Their Intimacy To The Next Level!

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Couples, Which Of These Sound Familiar?

You feel lonely, unseen, and disconnected from your partner.
You are having intimacy issues and frustration in your relationship.
You are irritated by or feel anger/resentment towards your partner because of past and/or present issues.
You or your partner are unwilling to take responsibility for your/their part in the issues in the relationship.
You feel like you're in a good place in your relationship but want to take proactive steps to strengthen it, make it affair-proof, and take your intimacy to a new level.

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, 
You Need The 30-Day Intimacy Challenge!

I thought we had a great marriage.

Not perfect, but definitely one at least in the 70th, maybe even 80th percentile.

After ten years and two kids, we'd learned so much about each other, battled through issues together, and I felt that John and I were in a good place in our relationship.

And then crisis hit.
John got the dreaded news that he was diagnosed with cancer, and it changed our relationship in a way I never would have imagined.

Praise God his radiation treatment was going well, and the most natural stressor for me in this scenario - the thought of losing him to death - was slowly melting away with each passing week of positive prognosis.

But something unexpected happened after he completed his 7 weeks of radiation therapy.

I began losing him in another way, and for too long, I couldn't figure out why.
Suddenly, instead of his usual sanguine, easy-going, fun-loving disposition, John was quiet, reserved, and despondent.

Instead of his normal touchy-feely personality, he was distant, barely even looking me in the eye when he spoke.

Before, he'd rub my feet every night before bed, but even that stopped, and as our intimacy plummeted, our relationship took the same trajectory.
Somehow, the aftermath of his treatment was causing him feelings of depression.

As much as I tried to connect with him, find out what was wrong, and make myself available to help work through this together like we had all of our previous issues, he had shut me out, and I couldn't get through
I didn't know what to do.

I felt so alone and in despair.

What was happening to our intimacy?

What was happening to our friendship?

What was happening to our relationship?

For ten years, we had successfully coached so many couples through crises worse than this.  

How could this be happening to US?

Fortunately, as bad as things got in our relationship, we had always agreed on one foundational principle.

Quitting is NEVER an option, period.

And resigning ourselves to a life of complacency and misery watching the marriage we worked so hard on turn into a cold, long-lasting cohabitation of two roommates also was NOT on the table.

So, like the scores of couples who had come to us desperate for a solution, we sought help.

We attended a marriage retreat.

We got into an environment that was a safe space, one where we had the support of qualified leaders whose goal was to help us succeed, and one where we were surrounded by other couples who had the same goals that we had - to restore and revive our relationship.
In that space, we had a long-awaited, life-changing conversation where I laid out all of my issues.

Thankfully, he listened...and our marriage has  never been the same since!

I thought he was so far away from me that it would take ages to get him back.

Who would have thought we were only a few steps away from regaining our intimacy and resurrecting our relationship?

Here's the good news we have for you and your partner:

No Matter Where You Are In Your Relationship,
You Are Only A Few Steps Away From Regaining YOUR Intimacy!

Now don't get it twisted; it will take work, time, and effort, and it probably won't be easy.

But again, you're only a few steps away - if you're both willing to put in the work.

Because your relationship is worth it, right?

If you're struggling with the intimacy in your relationship anywhere close to what we experienced, like us you need a safe space...

You need the support of qualified leaders whose goal is to help YOU succeed...

You need a community where you are "surrounded" by other couples who have the same goal that you have: to restore and revive your relationship.
Introducing The 30-Day Intimacy Challenge: 
An Transformational, Self-Guided Experience For Couples Committed To
Growing Together And Taking Their Intimacy To The Next Level!

In This Couples-Only Community, You Will:

  • Vastly improve your friendship and feel amazingly reconnected with your spouse
  • Begin enjoying each other again intimately, not just physically but also emotionally
  • ​Be motivated to work on your relationship with revived hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel
  • Have goals, daily challenges, and proactive accountability to spur you on to victory
  • ​Have more flirtation, laughter, frolicking, and frequent rushing upstairs for lay activities
Here's EVERYTHING You Get When You Join The 
30-Day Intimacy Challenge TODAY!
  • Four (4) Courses & Workbooks On Firing Up Your Sex Life
  • ​Four (4) Motivational Videos From John & April
  • ​​Daily Intimacy-Strengthening Couple Challenges
  • Access to Private Facebook Community 
  • Bonus: ​​Couples' Igniter Package (2 Mini-Courses & eBook)
  • ​Bonus: Direct E-Mail Access To John and April

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      Here's What Couples Are Saying!

      DeVonne & Chris

      ““We got our money's worth in the first week! The conversations generated by the course videos, motivational sessions, and daily challenges were refreshing and beneficial. If you're looking for a fun and practical way to build a better marriage, give this a try!"

      Horace & Joscelyn

      “This was one of the most important things we've done as a couple!  It helped us to get back to being more intentional not just in what we say to each other but what we do.  It allowed us to be more transparent about our intimacy and better communicate with each other.”

      Naomi & Darien

      “Accepting AND appreciating my spouse has been a game-changer for me because my mindset has been tolerate and pray for change. After 11 years, what a blessing to change the way I think about 'those things' entirely!”

      Your Path To Restored Intimacy Starts Here!

      Let's take a deep dive into everything you and your partner
      will get in the 30-Day Intimacy Challenge!

      Four (4) Weekly Motivational Videos
      ($497 Value)

      A Good Coach Can Change A Game;
      A Great Coach Can Change Lives

      Get amped about progressing through the courses, daily challenges, and other materials with our weekly motivational videos! We'll keep you on track and give you the inspiration you need on those days where you wonder why you married this crazy person and want nothing more than to throw in the towel. We've been there ourselves, we've counseled hundreds of couples who have been there, and we can help you get to the other side!


      ​Four (4) Courses On Firing Up Your Sex Life
      ($388 Value)

      Don't Just Dream Of Winning, Train For It!

      We've created four courses and accompanying workbooks to help you and your partner go next-level in your foreplay, intimacy, and sexual satisfaction. From your portal (accessible via desktop or a mobile app), you'll have access to these powerful and transformational courses. Each course is 3-5 videos that are 7-10 minutes each and give couples core areas to work on each week:

      • Why Acceptance is the Foundation for Intimacy
      • How Your Communication & Fighting Style Impacts Your Intimacy
      • How Sharing Chores Can Be Your Best Foreplay
      • ​How To Increase Your Sexual Satisfaction

      Wherever you are in your marriage, you'll be surprised at how applying the methods in these exclusive, value-packed couples' training packages will translate to better and more frequent interactions in the bedroom as well as a stronger connection in your relationship!

      Brandon & Sofia

      “Your communication will get better and deeper. If you do it together and both are invested in growing your intimacy, it will happen. You will learn about each other in ways that may really surprise you. Be prepared for stretching and growth.”

      Athena & Derrick

      “This is great for all marriages regardless of what season you’re in! It is a great way to invest and be intentional about your marriage!”

      Albert & Dollie

      “We have been married almost 33 years. Although we love each other very much, we have real issues communicating and understanding each other. This training has helped us immensely. We have begun to implement tools that had been long forgotten. I thank God for the ministry you two are doing for the benefit of others.
      Access to Private Facebook Community
      ($147 Value)

      Alone, We Can Do So Little; Together, We Can Do So Much!

      In the private Facebook group (which is separate from our free group), we've created a healthy environment of couples determined to improve in their intimacy and take their relationships to new heights. 

      • Receive tips from us related to specific topics addressed in our group
      • ​Get transparent in a space that may be less intimidating than a "live" space
      • ​Hold each other accountable regarding the daily challenges  
      • ​Build long-lasting relationships that foster transformative growth 
      Daily Intimacy-Strengthening Couple Challenges
      ($97 Value)

      Like Your Body,
      If You Want A Better Relationship, It Needs EXERCISE! 

      Each day for 30 days, you will get a challenge from John and April to complete with you and your partner. These challenges will be short yet impactful activities for you to deepen your intimacy as a couple!

      Ambrey & Steven

      “This has all the options for your marriage to be successful and with hosts that are engaging, fun and super relatable! It made us more aware of some of the things we weren't doing. We became more intentional in our actions and words to each other. We were able to focus on just us for a complete 30 days straight and it was amazing!"

      Kymone & Kerine

      The courses were a huge shift for us. They contained so much relevant information with practical steps given on dealing with real everyday marital challenges. Where was this years ago? We loved how real they got about intimacy and how it affects the health of your relationship. Every couple can benefit from this!”

      Shenise & Davis Wallace 

      “John and April do a great job of giving tips AND great examples. Everything is included, they literally show you how to do everything, and the daily challenges really level up your relationship in unique ways."

      Bonus: ​Direct E-Mail Access To John and April
      ($297 Value)

      Sometimes, Your Success Is Based On Your Access!

      For those highly devoted couples who truly want to take their intimacy to the next level, you'll have the opportunity during the 30-day challenge and for two weeks following to send e-mail questions directly to us and receive a response within 24 hours.

      We'll be able to help you get on track with specific guidance regarding the core areas of your relationships that you are struggling with. If you're truly all-in on levelling up your relationship, we'll make it our personal commitment to help you succeed!


      Bonus: ​Couples' Igniter Package
      ($97 Value)

      Get the spark you need to ignite (or re-ignite) your relationship! In these mini-courses and eBook, you'll discover:

      • For each spouse, the number ONE thing your partner wants more than anything else
      • ​Helpful quotes and Bible texts to paint a picture of what husbands and wives truly need
      • ​Insider secrets on practical do's and don'ts you can follow to fulfill these needs immediately
      • ​​How to genuinely and positively empower your spouse to be the person you want and need them to be

      Christ-Roi & Abdelle

      “This has been great! Definitely provided insights into things we didn’t even know were problems! Very well organized with a biblical view. Awesome!"

      Austin & Ja'Lissa

      “It was tremendous. John and April have such a wealth of knowledge and experience, the daily challenges were super fun, interacting with and learning from other couples in the community going was a blessing, and afterwards we had the most heart-to-heart conversations we've ever had. Learning how to communicate better enhanced our lovemaking and strengthened our connection."

      Jennifer & Sam

      “It helped us to better understand the spiritual side of marriage and how it affects your whole marriage and well-being. We love how it catered to our busy lives. It is very important to try to participate in the daily challenges and the Facebook group to stay connected with the tasks. They do work and make you aware of what you can do to better your relationship."
      Here's EVERYTHING You Get When You Join The 
      30-Day Intimacy Challenge TODAY!
      • Four (4) Courses & Workbooks On Firing Up Your Sex Life
      • ​Four (4) Motivational Videos From John & April
      • ​​Daily Intimacy-Strengthening Couple Challenges
      • Access to Private Facebook Community 
      • Bonus: ​​Couples' Igniter Package (2 Mini-Courses & eBook)
      • ​Bonus: Direct E-Mail Access To John and April

      Total Value: $1,123   

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